Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weekend is Almost Here

I definately based mt outfit on the boots.

Because of my sprin ankle I havent really worn this boots. So I wanted to take advantage of San Diego bi polar weather of today jejeje

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Work Wednesday

Wow the week has gone so fast!!
Well am happy with the pic of today because I finally think I got the angle and place to take them at.
AM new to this picture taking and am NOT photogenic at all :( unfortunately
Are you photogenic? do you have tips on taking good pictures?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grand Opening Nite

joie dress, d&g shoes, ALDO accessories

One of my close friend just open this great health club in San Diego CA and they grand opening was this past Saturday.

So for sure I was going to attend such an important event for my friend, plus I wanted to check out the place. Which I love love love its super nice it has everything that I need and more ( pilates, laundry service etc etc)

Well am wearing this great silk shirt dress that is so comfortable but still sexy. I actually decided to wear that dress because I wanted to wear my favorite pair of shoes, my dolce and gabbana leopard print wood platforms. Those shoes where actually one of the first of many gifts my bombom has given me. Aside that I love them they also have sentimental value.

oooh yeah i was walking in the mall and as i walk past ALDO I saw this great necklace( the one am wearing) which I know i will be rocking thru out spring/summer.

I base my outffit on the pair of shoes i want to wear, how do you decide your outfit???

Monday, April 5, 2010

Saturday Nite w/Black Eye Peas

Sooo like every Sat. its date nite w/ my bombom. Which I look forward to every week.

We had not plan going to the concert, but it turn out super better than expected!

We started by getting a great parking spot, and ended up with free tickets in the front row ! We luv it our wallets luved it!!! jeje


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tribal Hump Day

Zara jacket, BCBG blouse & skirt, Charlotte Russe shoes, f21 earrings

Wow the year is flying...... Last day of March

Are you guys going to fool someone in April Day fool tomorrow?? i have a couple of people in mind that I want to fool jejejeje


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Work Time Tuesday

bcbg blouse, f21 denim leggings,moschino belt, f21 necklace, sam edelman shoes

Am a beginner blogger so am pretty slow still on post blogs.

What happen to the sunny weather? Today its pretty gloomy, and its forecast to rain.
I kinda slacked off last week, so this week am my work mode button is definately ON. So this is what I wore to work, and I guess it brought me luck because I was able to help 3 clients with their insurance needs!!

I just want to point out the great, and unique paperclip necklace I got at f21!! I Love it! I saw a similiar one on Harpers Bazaar but it had pearls in between the paperclips, plus it was super more expensive.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Date Nite Baby

F21 dress, bebe jacket,s.edelman gladiators

Saturday, was super sunny!! loved loved it! Get more things done when its sunny and warm. My mood is definitely influence by the weather.

So my Bombom and I went out with some friends of ours from out of town! Sushi and drinks!I wore this really cute LBD that it's detail didnt come out in the pics
We had a great time!
I've injured my right ankle that's why am unable to wear heels until further notice:(


Friday, March 19, 2010

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Spring is here = Spring Cleaning.....

What could have been 1-2 hours chore of organizing my closet. I have made it into a a whole day activity.But non the less I've definitely taken eating, nap, chatting, facebook, and of course work breaks.

But going back to my organizing, I definitely need tips, advice on organizing my accessories. I have been looking into jewelry trays. The idea is to layout the necklaces in the trays, and place the trays in drawers. So when am looking for a necklace I just open the necklaces drawers and BAM! I kinda need to stop relying on my memory

They are a couple of websites that sell the trays really inexpensive. Like

How do you organize your accessories?